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I'm Asit

Currently working as a Product Designer at Deloitte. I have worked in dynamic environments where I help teams build 0 -> 1 products.


Qkvin is a AI/ML KYC platform catering to financial institutions for risk mitigation and fraud detection.

As this project is currently in development, I cannot make it's details public. If you want to discuss, let's get in touch.


Worked on an app that facilitates ESOP liquidity and access to exclusive high-growth investments.

Since this product is not yet available publicly, I cannot publish it's details. If you want to discuss, let's get in touch.


RODO is a management platform aimed at helping dealerships with transfer of cars and it's titles digitally. I worked on the initial MVP from start to finish.


ZILO is an asset administration SAAS platform catering to big financial institutions.

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